Tuesday, March 27, 2007

American Idol

After running club my friend Diana wanted to get something to eat. So we stopped to pick up some food, and an extra dinner for Travis, and returned to her condo.

They are into aquatic pets! Diana has a tank with two large turtles, and Travis is building a saltwater tank with coral, anemones, exotic fish. It'll be really spectacular when it is complete.

Travis returned from work, and we watched TV while eating dinner. We flipped on American Idol and they filled me in on each contestant, since I don't really watch the show.

I don't even remember anybody, except for one: Sanjaya. Not because of his great singing talent - he's got a quiet voice and is almost drowned out by the music - but because he wore this bizarro ridiculous looking fake mohawk. And shook his head during the song to toss the mohawk back and forth. I almost laughed the entire time.

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