Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Scavenger Hunt Run

This evening's Orlando Runners Club activity was a scavenger hunt at Crane's Roost in Altamonte Springs. The idea was to form teams of 4, and then run around the area answering questions. We had 1 hour and the event concluded at the newly opened Fleet Feet store near the mall.

Christine prepared 25 questions, all of which could be answered by searching the area. Questions like: What band is playing at Gina's on March 31? How many people/animal tiles are in the courtyard? What event takes place every day except Tuesday? And so on.

Afterwards we had dinner at Gina's and waited while Christine graded the results. It was close... in fact the team I was on was 1 point down! We went over the answers and one was "How many emergency call boxes are in the park". I found 6, while everyone else found 5, including Christine. She said if I could prove there were 6, we would win. Everybody agreed where 4 of them were, but where the others just saw 1 I saw an extra. So Christine and I walked over to the fountain on the north side and I pointed out 2 call boxes, giving my team the victory. :)

To my surprise, we won goody bags from Fleet Feet - a blinky light, hat, and a few samples.

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