Friday, March 23, 2007

Magic Game

Back in February I won tickets to tonight's basketball game, Orlando versus New Jersey. I'm not the biggest basketball fan, especially pro basketball, but I also don't want to waste a free ticket!

I arrive in the middle of the second quarter, because I had some trouble parking. Lines were long and I wound up driving in a complete circle around the arena only to find all those parking lots were reserved for pass holders. Eventually I found a public garage a few blocks away and walked over. Late as I was, I beat Amy and Christine there! They arrive about 15 minutes after I did.

The game was OK: Orlando and New Jersey were close in the standings, near the bottom. ;) The Magic trailed most of the game but somewhere in the third period they tied it up and took a small lead, and the game got a lot more exciting. Except it bogged down again with the foul and free throw routine. This is just ultra dull for me to watch, but at least Orlando won.

Overall it was pretty fun, especially for free. I could take in a basketball game or two each year. To see football, hockey, or baseball live means driving out to Tampa and that is a lot more planning.

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