Saturday, March 24, 2007

Winter Park 10K

The finale of the Track Shack Grand Prix series was this event. I didn't sign up for the Grand Prix this year, not that I can place high enough to build up points to win!

I did 48:28, which I was pleased with. I took it easy for the first mile or so, running and chatting with a friend, before pulling ahead at the water stop around mile 1.5. I should have grabbed a cup because the next water stop wasn't until mile 4... but it wasn't too bad. It was humid but I wasn't going all out so I was fine, if a bit thirsty at the second water stop.

The course is really nice, winding around residential Winter Park. We had a view of a few lakes, many shady roads, a minor hill or two... the only complaint is cobblestone roads for half the course. I'm not sure why but older parts of this area paved their streets like that.

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