Saturday, June 11, 2005

Cascades Edge Sprint Triathlon

My second warmup event was this morning. While it was cool, overcast, and had recently rained, at least there wasn't any during the event.

I showed up and picked up my registration info, and to my dismay I saw my race number was 666! I know somebody has to have that race number (unless the race just doesn't assign it) and I'm generally not superstitious, but I still didn't like my race number. ;)

Race Number and Cool Hammer Socks

I saw my friend Christina in the transition zone before the race, and she joked that she would be hunting me down. My wave (sprint tri - all men started at 9:00 am) launched 5 minutes before hers, so at least I had a head start!

The swim was cold and as I got in the water I remembered a coworker in Florida telling me that she had never worn a wetsuit for a tri. Apparently the water so nice and warm wetsuits aren't even allowed at many events! I pondered how nice that might be, discounting the flotation and time advantage a wetsuit provides. But, I tend to run cold so maybe I would welcome warmer water.

The race started and I swam to the side to avoid collisions, and fell into a rhythm. After exiting the water I jogged through transition, and carefully put on my biking gear, including a jacket because I felt cold. Past the timing mat I struggled for a few seconds with my gloves as another friend Patricia zoomed by. The bike was uneventful, and felt odd because nobody was passing me! However, I knew I didn't take a wrong turn because I've done four other triathlons at this park and so I knew the bike course. Once I passed the turnaround, I saw Christina and we yelled hello to each other.

The run was two loops of a 1.4 mile path around the lake. This was a trail run which was great because those are a little easier on my feet. The course marking was excellent - last year there was one fork that wasn't well marked but this time someone dumped a lot of chalk to point out the correct way.

Midway through the first lap, my race number payed off: someone yelled "run like the devil" at me as I passed them. :) I finished up 1:27:17, 13/15 in my division and 51/100 overall. I have a little more info on the race over here.

On the drive back, I pulled up behind a car that had a funny bumper sticker. It made me laugh.

Funny Bumper Sticker

Now, I'm off to shower. This time, I'm really going to scrub my calf so get my race number completely off!

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