Sunday, June 26, 2005

Taking it Easy

Today was all about taking it easy, as easy as possible. After meeting for breakfast, I returned to my hotel to pack my swim-bike and bike-run transition bags. I double and triple checked everything, and wheeled my bike into the bike racks and dropped off my bags. Tomorrow morning I'll just need to drop off my special needs bags and show up with my swim gear...

My parents got into town and found me at the bike check-in. We wandered around a bit and I pointed out the swim course to them.

After more relaxing at the hotel, I met up with my friends for dinner at the Olive Garden. Unfortunately, the Olive Garden would only sit us in groups of six, so I decided to wait another hour and go to Chili's instead, since they could seat all of us. I absolutely didn't want to have people sit separately.

Dinner was enjoyable, we chatted about various things and they helped me keep my mind off the big event.


Seated: Greg, Christina, Eric, Krisanne, me
Standing: Mike, Jen, Francesca, Alexandra

I need to get up early tomorrow, but I know I won't be able to fall asleep anytime soon. Still, I'll get in bed and read a bit and try to.

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