Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The Amazing Race, Family Edition

It's back, a new season of my favorite reality show, The Amazing Race. This time, the teams are 4 people from the same family. Last night, I dozed off midway through the show so I watched the rest this morning.

The show started in Manhattan, proceeded to Pennsylvania and onto a family farm. It seems to me, and I might not be recalling correctly, but every other show whisked the contestants to a foreign country immediately. I'm curious how much foreign travel they'll make the families do this season. Maybe they are going easy since the teams are larger and some have kids along.

One team that really bugs me is the Paolo family - the are always bickering and rude to each other; I hope they are eliminated soon. The Linz family had a few supremely confident men who opted for the physical buggy ride challenge instead of the miniature house building. So it was quite funny to see them humbled by the difficulty and barely make it out of this round. It was a real bummer to see them edge out the Black family.

I'll cheer for the Gaghan family, since they are marathon runners. According to their mom, the 9 year old Carissa can run a 7 minute mile. Well dang, if she can hold that for a 5K she'd smoke me.

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