Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Los Angeles

Just a quick note... I arrived in LA this afternoon, after an uneventful flight. The flight attendant said 42 people from San Juan weren't going to show - I guess the plane from Puerto Rico was delayed - so I got a row to myself. Oh yeah!

Two coworkers were on the flight with me. We joked about the purported Al Qaeda threat against Los Angeles, but didn't find it so funny when we landed and discovered major parts of the city were blacked out. It turns out that was caused by a repairman error, but it still made for a tedious cab ride from the airport because half the traffic lights weren't working.

The hotel is pretty nice (Hilton Checkers) but a bit chincy as they charge $10 per day for internet access. With the rooms going for $300 a night, I think they could just offer internet for free. ;)

Well it is early to bed for me, I'm still on east coast time.

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