Wednesday, September 14, 2005

PDC Day Two

During the WinFS talk, there was a demo of an PIM app for a fictitious real estate agent. Real estate agents make good candidates for demos because they have a lot of appointments, contacts, emails, and of course, offer a great excuse to integrate a map into a program.

The first cool thing I noticed was this real estate agent's exercise log, one of the examples of integrating a schedule and pictures. She had participated in STP, RAMROD, and KCC every year for quite some time. Plus, she did Deathride this year as well. Nice! This is something only a cyclist from the pacific northwest would notice. Except for the Deathride part which Sandy would be extra proud of.

Second, the demo often involved pulling up a list of contacts. I lazily glanced over the list, and the top name caught my eye: "A. Leonetti". Hey, I think I know who that is. So congrats Alexandra, you are immortalized in the WinFS real estate demo app! Also in the list was Andy Carothers, someone I know as well. Unfortuately the list only stretched down to the Davids, so I couldn't check to see if there was an "F. Leonetti" as well. ;)

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