Thursday, September 08, 2005


Jen posted her goals, which made me think of mine.

I have only two, for the rest of this season and 2006:

  • 1:45 half marathon
  • 6:30 half iron

Another goal I'm on the fence about is another standalone marathon - this will partly depend on what the weather is like during the fall, winter, and spring. I see people starting their long runs at 5 am to beat the heat, and I know - despite the fact I've been getting up quite early several times a week - that I don't have the motivation to do that right now. ;) So, I'm just keeping it simple.

A 1:45 half mary is an 8 minute mile, and I'm not terribly far off that mark, based on a recent 15K. So perhaps I am not setting my goal high enough.

That's OK, because the 6:30 half will require plenty of work. That will break down as a 45 minute swim, 3:15 bike, and 2:30 run. Plus, I'll need to shave a few minutes from somewhere to account for transition times.

As far as major events, I have the Florida Challenge half iron coming up in October, which I'll just be doing for fun, as a tri season ending event. Later in December is the Orlando half marathon, and then next May, the Florida Half Ironman. I should have plenty of time to shoot for 6:30 at that event. What will be tough is the heat. If I fall short, I can always sign up for the Florida Challenge in 2006 and try again! ;)

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