Saturday, September 03, 2005

Miracle Miles 15K

This morning was the Miracle Miles 15K, hosted by the Track Shack. It isn't part of the grand prix series, but is part of the Orlando Running Club's challenge series. I've never run a 15K before, in fact I don't remember any runs of that distance in Washington. It is nice to see something in between the 10K and half marathon distance.

I had a goal of 1:15, which is a 25 minute 5K, three times. ;) However, I missed it by a few minutes - I timed myself at 1:17:11, a pace of 8:17 min/mile, which I am pleased with. I finished 26/56 in my division, 125/349 of the men, and 160/627 overall, which was a great day for me - I am not used to finishing in the top half at an event, much less my division!

I kept my heart rate steady between 80% and 85%, rising slightly the entire time. The dip at 20 minutes and 45 minutes (the latter is more noticable) are me walking the aid stations.

miracle miles heart rate

Mile markers were prominent, and for my next running event I'll try to remember to take my split times, to see if my heart rate running strategy results in a consistent pace.

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