Sunday, November 13, 2005

10K and 5K

  • In the morning I ran the Founder's Day 10K, a race in the Track Shack grand prix. The event is also known among local runners as the Celebration 10K, since it takes place in the community of Celebration (a Disney master-planned community).

    I lost or misplaced the mounting bracket for my polar footpod, so I used my Forerunner 201 instead. It measured the course at 6.34 miles... it is ironic I get more accuracy out of the footpod than the GPS system! I would expect the reverse to be true.

    I finished in 46:03. Dang it, I was hoping for better, especially since I ran a 45:45 at the Dawg Dash just a few weeks ago, and this course was easier - more turns, but no hills. But, I've been slacking this week, due to my business trip.

    My tradition is to wear the event T-shirt to work on the Monday after the race. I'll delay that since the T-shirt was a long sleeve, and it just isn't cool enough yet. ;) Fortunately, I got a short sleeve T-shirt at the next event...

  • In the afternoon I ran the Fall Classic 5K. I don't normally stack two events on the same day, but the timing just worked out like that. My company is a co-sponsor of this event, so as part of their community outreach program, employees could enter free (plus families or one guest). Basically, the free T-shirt and food drew me in.

    I decided to go as hard as I could and did 22:42 according to my watch. Official time was 22:44 - this event was only about 300 people so I could start close to the line. This event was non-chip and non-scored, so these times are from my watch and the official clock at the end; results won't be published. The food afterwards was fantastic - catered by three local restaurants.

    Anyway, this is my new 5K PR, by 10 seconds! I'm very pleased I was able to eek that out.

Total running today was 15K in 68:45, or 9.3 miles at a pace of 7:23. I'm beat and ready to cool off in the pool, shower, eat more, and have a milkshake. :)

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