Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Lost Turtle

I drove home to drop off my bike - despite the beautiful weather we're all too busy to ride at lunch today - and a block from my home I spotted a turtle struggling mightily to cross the street. It was most of the way over but having a tough time negotiating the curb.

Once home, I grabbed my camera and jogged back to find it. Gail would probably tell me "this is why you should ALWAYS have your camera with you!"

The turtle did successfully scale the curb, and was at a neighbor's entryway, clearly lost. So close and yet so far from the small lake...

Lost Turtle

I got closer and the turtle started to click a bit, and then withdrew into its shell. That made my job easier - I picked it up and walked it over to the lake. After I set it down on the grass a few feet from the water, it poked its head out and then eagerly waddled into the water.

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