Saturday, November 26, 2005

Ben and Bev's Visit

I hosted my first out-of-town friends last night: my friend Ben and Bev and their two kids Dylan and Sam. They are here on their way to a Disney Cruise family vacation, which departs from Cape Canaveral. I'll see them again in a week after the cruise is over.

Jet Lagged Sleepy Kids

It was tough to get the kids up, and I'm sure that had a lot to do with the 3 hour time zone change. That all changed when I started up a Playstation 2 game Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando. That brought Dylan running and he wanted to play! I started a new game for him, and as we began to watch the opening cut-scene which sets the tone of the quirky humor in the game, Dylan wanted to skip it. "Show me how to move and kill! Move and kill!!" he insisted.

Breakfast at Panera's

After considerable effort peeling him off the PS2, we drove over for breakfast at the Panera Bread company. Dylan, still excited from the game, offered to help me past the level I was on, noting "you just need to double jump to kill the helicopter guy" and "robot are so dumb". Ah yes, the joys of video games...

Me, Dylan, Sam, Bev

Bev said they'll just take their next vacation at uncle Karl's, since I have a swimming pool, unlimited video games, and a big screen TV. ;)

Now they are off to the cruise. I'm curious what is in store and I'll ask when they return. Before they had kids, Ben and Bev took six months off and traveled the world - I went to meet them in Europe in 1997. Back then they cruised in the Greek islands so I'll ask how this compares.

Bev said they picked this week to go because it was the cheapest cruise, due to the holidays and the fact they had to pull the kids out of school for a week. I think Dylan is in Kindergarten and Sammy is in pre-school, so that isn't a big deal. The total cost of the trip is around $3,000, including airfare, and that is only because they chose the 2nd cheapest rooms. One of Bev's coworkers took the same cruise during the summer and picked the fanciest room for their family, and the cruise cost $8,000! Bev joked "Wow, I guess it is a choice between the cruise or sending a kid to college."

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