Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Fat Intake

The interesting thing about fat intake is that unlike the other nutrition which is spread throughout everything I eat, fat usually comes in one giant chunk. Most of the time, the offender is one single food that contributes the bulk of my recommended daily intake, which is about 54 grams of fat per day.

For example, looking over my food diary:

  • A strawberry milkshake is about 23g of fat - 43% RDI.
  • Half of a sierra turkey sandwich at Panera is about 27.5g of fat - 51% RDI.
  • A regular classic Italian sub from Quizno's (with dressing) is 60g of fat - 111% RDI (!).
  • A cup of Thai chicken curry is 23g of fat - 43% RDI.
  • One slice of a supreme pizza is 27g of fat - 50% RDI.
  • 4 tablespoons of peanut butter is 32g of fat - 59% RDI.
  • A 7 oz bag of corn tortilla chips is 65g of fat - 120% RDI (!).
  • 4 tablespoons of pesto sauce is 29g of fat - 54% RDI.

Carbs might be everywhere, but fat is concentrated. In theory, it should be easy to moderate my fat intake to the recommended levels... by simply cutting out the one food item per day (on average) that contributes the most.

However, there are some relatively easy things I can change. I can have the Quizno's sandwich without the dressing. According to the food database, the dressing alone is 27g of fat for the regular sized sandwich. While I love munching chips with salsa or queso, I have to moderate that as well. I didn't expect this, but corn tortilla chips make french fries look like health food. Another easy change is not having the pesto sauce with QDoba's poblano pesto chicken, or eating something equivalent without the pesto sauce.

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