Friday, November 04, 2005

Specialty License Plates

Florida offers a dizzying number of specialty license plates - not vanity plates where you choose the numbers/letters - but plates with a fancy background design. Check out the list of current offerings - 91 of them! (No I didn't count, this was from another page that listed them by popularity).

One of these is the "Share the Road" design, which I have. Part of the money goes to Bike Florida which uses the money for awareness and events that promote bicycling.

There is currently a contest for the next iteration of this plate, so I took a look at the various designs. Note the site makes fun of Florida voters at the top. Too many choices! Argh!! All I can tell is I don't like designer #4's plates, while designer #2's look really cool to me.

OK, I decided on design d2c. I think that one looks the best: nice colors that a license plate from Florida should have, palm trees, sun, blue skies, bikes in FRONT of the car on the road (and of course the car sees them and is sharing!). It was a close choice between d2c and d2e for me, but I like the idea that the bicyclist is with a friend in d2c, and not all by himself/herself, as in d2e. I like the speed blur on d2b, but overall I like d2c better. The road is more accurate in d2f, but I think the green border in d2c sets off the "share the road" message better. Finally, designer #2 gets my nod because all the bikes have front and rear disc wheels! ;)

I'm voting once for each email address I have. :)

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