Monday, January 30, 2006


TV watching is great these days, since my two favorite shows (24 and Battlestar Galactica) are back on the air and in full swing.

24 has progressed beyond the initial plot and has hit the first twist that will fuel the rest of the season. It seems that Walt Cummings, the White House Chief of Staff, made a deal with some smugglers to deliver nerve gas to a terrorist camp. The plan was to then detonate the nerve gas, proving there are evil terrorists with chemical weapons out there. Unfortunately, the smugglers double crossed him, stole the nerve gas, removed the detonation trigger, and now intend to use this weapon domestically!

One thing different this time is that there are two potential romances for Jack. He's had a tough time through the previous four seasons. His wife was killed by rouge agent Nina in season 1. In season 2 he met Kate, but during the off-season it didn't work out for unexplained reasons. In season 3 he met Claudia while working under cover exposing a drug gang, but she was tragically shot in a daring escape. Who could have expected that to happen. He started season 4 in a romance with Audrey, but that soured as Jack was later forced to torture her ex-husband for information, and then left him to die in order to save someone else. Audrey wasn't too happy about that; go figure.

After season 4, Jack went into hiding and rented a room Diane. Amazingly, Audrey and Diane have now met and have established they both care for Jack... who knows, it is almost Valentine's Day so perhaps this time something will work out for him. ;)

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