Saturday, January 14, 2006


Alexandra and Francesca wanted to see manatees, so we drove to nearby Blue Spring State Park where they are known to visit. I heard a good time to see them was in the morning, because they seek the relatively warm waters of the spring. Later in the day when it warms up, they swim out into the river.

Blue Spring State Park

It was a sunny chilly day, and several were at the spring when we arrived around noon. At the first dock we stopped at, there were three of four close by and we watched them for a long time.



We walked to another observation platform and saw 8 or 10 more, on the far bank where it was sunny. One kept on surfacing and making a funny sound by blowing his nose. In between the two platforms was a sign that showed all two dozen or so manatees that visit Blue Spring, identified by various scars they have - the poor manatees are often victims of boat collisions which leave them injured.

The manatee viewing trip was a great success!

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