Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Kamp Karl winds down

My house is all quiet again... Francesca and Alexandra have left. Last night we played Killer Bunnies, a wacky fun card game. In the morning, we got in a bit of exercise and biked the "Heathrow Hills" route, before I left for work and they went to SeaWorld.

The track workout went by quick - we did 6x440 with 440 rest in between. My goal was to run the 440's in 1:38, so I paced myself carefully around each quarter of the track, trying to maintain 24 or 25 seconds for each. I ran with another woman who had a similar time goal, and that helped. We were able to hit 1:30 to 1:38 for 5 of the 440's. For the last 440, I went as hard as I could and did 1:15.

I really loved having visitors! The only disappointment was that it was cooler than forecast. That and my spa heater needs a lot of time; I left it while we were at the Animal Kingdom, but the water only heated up from 62 to 74 degrees. It was definitely warmer, but exactly hot tub temperatures. At least we had a lot of sun despite the chill! ;)

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