Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Full House

I have some friends me for the weekend. Earlier this evening, I picked up Alexandra. She is excited to take a break from the rainy weather in Seattle - it seems it has rained 25 straight days in the Emerald City. Before everybody makes fun of Seattle, let me quickly add that 25 days in a row is unusual. Our forecast looks mostly sunny so I hope that is enough of a sunbreak for her.

Another friend was in town as well, Rod, who participated in the Goofy Challenge. The challenge is competing in both the Disney half marathon on Saturday and the Disney full marathon on Sunday. This sounds very grueling to me, but Rod did really well - in fact he ran the marathon fast enough to qualify for Boston. My mind boggles at this feat.

After the events, Francesca and Rod went to the Miami area and further south to the Florida Keys. They got stuck in traffic and didn't think they'd make it up to my place, but later they called and said all the airport area hotels were full so they needed to stay with me. Tonight my home is alive with friends. :)

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