Monday, January 16, 2006

Animal Kingdom

True or False: getting the full Disney theme park experience requires towing along a small child.

We had no small children in tow (thankfully!), but I think you can come close by attending the It's Tough to be a Bug show at Disney Animal Kingdom. This is a 3D show featuring air puffs, drops of water, and other surprises that sync with the movie on the screen. Hearing the screams of hundreds of kids made this show even more fun - Francesca, Alexandra, and I sat in the back and thoroughly enjoyed this feature!

Afterwards, we went to the petting zoo (called the "Affection Section"), took the safari, and wandered through the vet exhibit.

Do you have any food?

The safari ride was pretty cool, but it was hard to take pictures. We saw a very cute baby elephant - very tiny next to his mother - but I couldn't take a picture before the van moved on by.

Yawning Hippo

Thirsty Hippo

The vet exhibit was interesting, since they have such a variety of animals to work on. There was a slideshow talk covering medical procedures administered to animals, including surgery on a fish! The fish was anesthetized by putting drugs in water, and circulating it over its gills. Later when the surgery was over, they dropped the fish into regular water and in a few minutes the fish was back to normal. Another pictured showed a gigantic turtle on the gurney - it was so heavy (over 500 pounds) it broke the gurney and the Animal Kingdom had to order a special gurney that could hold 1000 pounds.

We also stopped into various stores and looked over the stock. One T-shirt shop had some really great ones:

This shirt is BRILLIANT!

Another great shirt!

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