Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Year's Run

When I first took up running, it was a big deal to me to run on my birthday. I guess I wanted to get out there and feel healthy, while I notched up another year. Now, I've shifted that desire to a run on New Year's Day. It is often easier since it is a holiday, plus there isn't much traffic - not that this matters since I run on a path. There is usually a fun run if I want to run in an event. Lastly, I've noticed extra runners out - many probably made resolutions to take up a fitness activity and I enjoy seeing all manner of people out exercising.

I was lazy and didn't feel like driving in for an organized event. Instead, I just took off from my house and planned on 5 miles. But the weather was good, and I was feeling good, I decided to do 6 miles. Then, I added another 0.2 miles - I figured if I'm going to run 6 I might as well tack on an extra 0.2 to make 10K. Along the way I passed what looked like a Dad with his two girls and 2 of their friends, all on bikes. The girls had completely tricked-out bikes - pink handlebar streamers, baskets, training wheels, loud and colorful paint jobs, some tinsel-looking spoke wraps, and a flag or two. I would venture to say everybody got bikes for Christmas, but that is just a wild guess. ;) All the kids had helmets - excellent! He looked exhausted from herding them along, but still managed to smile and wave when I passed by.

Total run was 6.2 miles in 59:30. Nice and easy!

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