Friday, May 26, 2006


Late last night my mom called and said Dad had a stroke! My aunt was there, and the ambulance had just arrived, so they rushed to the hospital. About an hour later mom called back and said they got him stabilized and things looked OK, or as well as they could look at that time.

This morning I called up and talked to Mom. They ran a battery of tests, and he is doing fine. I talked to him a bit and he sounds strong - he just can't remember last night. Now it looks like a fainting spell and not a stroke. It was a bit nerve wracking though. Later they should find out more when more test results come back.

Mom said things are OK and I didn't need to make any travel plan changes. Still I'll call up daily over the weekend and check on how things are going. I will plan to visit over Father's Day, maybe take an extra day or two as well. Or earlier than that as well.

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