Saturday, May 27, 2006

Seattle Biking

I met Sandy and Chris near the Burke-Gilman trail on the UW campus, just down a path from Drumheller fountain. I misunderstood and actually went to the fountain and waited, and after a few minutes I called up and found out they were on the trail. So I rode down, met them, and we rode towards Mercer Island.

Unfortunately, Chris got a flat near Leschi, so we stopped and changed it. Later on Mercer Island, something odd happened to his chain - one of the links seized up and refused to bend, which caught on the derailleur. We turned back early and went to a bike shop at Leschi where they made it better. By this point we were ready for a snack so we settled into the Starbucks at Leschi and took a break.

Overall we rode about 30 miles. It was an average end-of-May day in Seattle: mid 50's with a light drizzle. ;) This didn't stop Chris and I from running two laps at Green Lake in about 44 minutes. We're on vacation but still getting some workouts in!

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