Thursday, May 25, 2006

Weather Change

Francesca reminded me that it will be a bit cooler in Seattle than what I'm used to, around 30 to 35 degrees cooler. So I went to check out the weather forecast for the area, and sure enough I saw highs in the mid 50's and lots of rain. Oh man I'm going to freeze this weekend. I'm a Floridian now and if I can't wear shorts, it is too cold. Geez, it is the end of May!

The difference in degrees Celsius sounds much better: only 20 degrees different (30 versus 10). But that's only because I'm not really used to metric temperature.

I started packing, and dug out all my long sleeve running and biking clothes. And gloves, liners, jackets, arm/leg warmers, undershirts, etc. Okay okay, to be fair I had to use the arm/leg warmers here in Florida. It gets chilly here too, in the winter. Still, it will be fun to visit my friends in the frozen tundra again. There's really too much sun here, so several days of rain will be a nice change. At least there will be a coffee shop on every block so I can get a warm drink. Hehe, how else can I tease my friends, they will probably laugh at me shivering the whole time. ;)

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