Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Another Wellington Afternoon

After getting off the ferry, I wandered around more of downtown Wellington, eventually making my way to the government buildings: The Beehive, Parliment, and the Parlimentary Library.


The Beehive is the Executive Office Building.

Parliment Library and Garden

The garden commemorates women's suffrage - New Zealand was the first country to allow women to vote.


I walked back to the harbor area and decided to check out Te Papa, the museum of New Zealand. I walked through part of the geological and Maori sections, before meeting my friends.


Drawbridge with the museum in the background.

Fruit of the Garden

We drove to a different scenic viewpoint, a hill with a wind turbine. Allen and Marybeth then suggested fish and chips for dinner, from the best place they knew of, which was "So Fine" in the Lower Hutt valley. It is near Allen's work, and was highly recommended by locals. We got our dinner takeaway, and then ate it on the waterfront.


An extra bonus of going to So Fine for dinner was passing over the river Anduin... I mean, the Hutt River. As my last Lord of the Rings site, I saw where Aragorn was washed ashore after the warg attack.

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