Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Club Stuff

Today I just wound up doing stuff for some of the clubs I'm in.

First up was making a flyer for the Eastside Runners holiday party. I was all set to go buy Microsoft Publisher from the store, but then I found it on a share at work, so I stayed late to finish up. I mailed out to the other board members for a review and it came back positive. I also requested the membership director print out mailing labels so I can finish up and send them out before I leave for New Zealand.

Second was an investment club meeting. I missed the last one, so I really wanted to attend, even though I have a ton of house work to finish up. I picked up an assignment the next meeting: do a review on Pfizer. The review involves filling out some financial results into a form and generating some graphs and numbers. The reason why is to just do a portfolio review on our current holdings.

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