Friday, November 05, 2004


My friends the Dodrills adopted a Greyhound, and tonight I went over to see him.

His name is George and he is a retired racer. George was very friendly, and mostly just wanted to sit and rest on his pillow. One of George's quirks is that he is scared of bright lights, lightning, and camera flashes. I turned off the flash on my camera, but even just seeing the camera made him nervous and he ran away. After he calmed down, Kandi blocked his eyesight so I could try another pic, but hearing the beep of the camera set him on edge again. So, no more pics of George since he is just too camera shy.

George the Greyhound

Sometimes I think about getting a dog, a breed I could take running with me. My mom bought me a book on dog breeds and after reading through it, I think the best two breeds for me would be either Greyhound or Border Collie. Maybe next year I'll decide to get a dog... what is stopping me is frankly, cleanup. I just can't wrap my mind around cleaning up after a dog. In that respect, a cat would be much easier, but then I can't really take a cat outside to run with me. Now that I have a house with a back and side yard, it would be easier at least. However, I don't want to turn my yard into a giant litterbox, I would still need to clean up.

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