Thursday, December 09, 2004

Football tickets

I thought, wouldn't it be fun to go watch the Seahawks play, and bring someone along. I haven't yet gone to see an NFL game here in Seattle - I've been to plenty of Mariners baseball games, one Sonics basketball game... heck, sometimes I even drive up to Vancouver to watch the Canucks play hockey. When I lived in Houston I was able to see the Oilers play twice.

So, I searched around for tickets to the January 2 game against the Atlanta Falcons. The cheapest tickets available were... $235 each. Plus, a $4.50 "convenience" charge. That makes two tickets a total of $479.

That blew my mind. Nearly $500 for a pair of tickets! Well, I don't want to go that bad - I'll be more than happy to catch the game on my TV. Geez, baseball is a huge bargain in comparison. Of course, baseball plays 10 times as many home games as football. There are cheaper tickets - all the way down to $28 - but all those are gone. I suppose if I want to attend an NFL game I'll need to get on the ball and buy tickets much earlier.

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