Monday, January 15, 2007


My favorite TV show is back on for a 6th season: 24. The last two or three seasons have started with two 2-hour shows on back to back days, and then the other 20 one week at a time without any interruption.

Last season ended with Jack Bauer (Keifer Sutherland) getting abducted by the Chinese as payback for the death of a diplomat during a daring raid to break a hostage out (the diplomat died from friendly fire). So the first thing I wondered about as the show started, was how they were going to get Jack out of a Chinese prison.

It turns out some terrorists were willing to exchange information for Jack, so a swap was arranged... and from there the plot unvieled a suitcase nuke plot.

I'm hooked and am glued to the TV during the show!

Things I find funny are: everybody has a cellphone, and they always have great reception. CTU apparently has built their own 3G Wireless network capable of sending large amounts of data to cellphones and PDAs. Most cabinet official are slimy scheming jerks. Jack kills a whole lot of people everyday he's on the job. Terrorists have a direct line to the President, but his sister has to go through a secretary.

So far over the past seasons, 2 nukes have exploded in the U.S. Also, the nation has had two black presidents: David Palmer and now his brother Wayne Palmer. I just think that is interesting.

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