Saturday, January 20, 2007

Rice Alumni Group

There is a small Rice Alumni group in Central Florida, and I get an occasional email about a gathering. Last time it was to attend a football game vs. the University of Central Florida Golden Knights, but I couldn't make it since I was out of town. Tonight's meeting was at Houlihan's before a basketball game.

There were a dozen of us, although a few were parents of students. They count as far as an alumni group. ;) I won a raffle and came away with a Rice Baseball t-shirt!

As far as the game... well I didn't actually make it. Earlier in the week, I called over to the UCF athletic department, but they said they didn't sell tickets and I should check the website or buy general admission tickets at the arena. It didn't make sense but now that I think about it, what they probably meant was they weren't setup to sell tickets over the phone - I'm sure they sell tickets in person. Anyway, I checked the website but the only options were to purchase a season pass. Hm... I didn't want to buy a season pass just for one basketball game, so I decided to get general admission, as did everyone else at the alumni group (except one lady who is a Rice Alum and also on the faculty at UCF).

After we finished dinner, we split up and drove over to UCF, where I found a nightmare line. Large construction in front of the current UCF arena closed the normal entrance, so only the sides were open. The normal ticket counter was also closed and temporarily housed in a tiny two-person booth, and the line was literally 500 people or more. I waited there until the game started, glanced at the line and calculated at the current pace, I wouldn't get in until after halftime.

So I decided to laze out and skip the game. I'm not sure if the others made it. That was fine, at least I made it to the alumni dinner/happy hour beforehand!

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