Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Mission Impossible III

I really like this genre of movie, so I looked forward to watching this once it arrived from Netflix. Overall it was entertaining, although I think they've used a similar plot for all three Mission Impossible movies, with a rogue agent or traitor at the agency.

The quick plot summary is Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) and his team need to capture Davian Owen (Philip Seymour Hoffman) because he has some bioweapon called the "rabbit's foot". After capturing him, Hunt's team is betrayed and Owen is freed. This sets up the obvious last action segment where Hunt faces down Owen, with the added twist that Owen kidnapped Hunt's wife and threatens to kill her. Of course I've gotten used to another Mission Impossible standard trick of the "face mask" and had a large suspicion about the dramatic shooting that turned out to be correct.

The cool thing is a portion of this movie was filmed in Shanghai, so the skyline and especially the portion in narrow alleys and markets looked familiar!

The movie sets up for a sequel. In a similar fashion to True Lies, Hunt's wife Julia has to take over defending their position, and it just so happens that despite never holding a gun or firing a weapon, she has no problem with aiming and killing enemy agents. Husband and wife secret agents... also sounds like the recent Mr. and Mrs. Smith!

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