Saturday, January 27, 2007

Cuban Dinner

I took my parents to Oasis, a Cuban restaurant in Longwood. It is across the street from Thai Delight, which I was excited to find out re-opens on February 6th, not the 9th like I originally thought. This is great because I'll have a chance to take my folks there!

Anyway, at the Cuban restaurant Dad and I had ropa vieja, a beef, tomato, and pepper dish, along with rice and plantains. Mom had fajitas, in a portion so large we took half home. I also had tres leches for dessert, which was delicious and probably some humungous number of calories... oh well. ;)

Oasis has live entertainment on the weekends - maybe only on Saturday since that is the only time I've been on the weekend. The previous time it was a xylophone player, and this time it was two guys on a variety of acoustic guitars. One of them switched around from a 10 or 12 stringed guitar (5 or 6 double strings) to a tiny guitar he said he bought in Machu Pichu, Peru. They played flamenco-style music and it was great entertainment.

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