Thursday, January 04, 2007

Run and Marathon Decision

Many people in the Y running group are in the half or full marathon this weekend, so we took it easy and just did 4 miles.

My foot feels OK for runs of this length, but the real issue is the next day: right foot feels just while the left one is a bit sore, which tells me it is still healing.

As a result, I've decided to skip the marathon. Besides missing all of my long training runs (the longest I did was 18 miles), I think pounding my foot for 26+ miles would be an extremely bad idea and would only aggravate it.

I looked into volunteering but they are all full! Technically what they mean is Disney will not give out parking passes, shirts, jackets, food, or an entry ticket to a park, for doing it. People can volunteer but won't get any perks. I could drive out to pick up my race packet and probably get some of this stuff but it is an 80 mile round trip I'd have to do twice (once to get the packet and then once to show up) and frankly I'm just too lazy to climb that hurdle.

On the one hand I can understand Disney wanting to limit those kinds of perks but their setup makes it highly inconvenient for people other than friends/family members already showing up anyway, or people who knew far in advance they wanted to volunteer, to help. However they have enough so they can do that.

I think this year I will look into doing events that don't fill up so early - smaller, lower key ones. Because last minute injuries and/or last minute travel plans really add up when there is no refund policy.

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