Saturday, January 06, 2007


A friend Kelley had a small party for the Y runners, which was a fun time. A few had participated in the half marathon, so we heard their tales as we munched snacks, had a few drinks, and chatted.

Kelley has a pet dog, a Nikita named Kuma ("bear" or "little bear" in Japanese) who was easily the largest dog I've seen in years. Kuma comes up to my waist just standing, and weighs 105 pounds. He got pretty excited with so many people around he would bump into everybody and lick your hand. Kelley told him to sit or lie down and got a little mad, and poor Kuma went to hide by placing his face under the coffee table. It was hilarious seeing this enormous dog with his paws over his face, head under the table, trying to be invisible, while his massive body still took up half the room. ;)

I wish I had my camera with me at the time! Doh.

A few of us kept an eye on the Seahawks-Dallas game on TV in the background. From what I saw the Hawks played like crap (allowing a kickoff return for a touchdown, failing to score in four downs from inside the 10 yard line) and basically made it in on a total gift: a Dallas error. Now I don't feel all that bad for sports teams since they are well paid for what they do, but I do feel a bit bad for Romo, the Dallas QB who bobbled the snap and lost the game for them. When it comes down to a single play by a single guy, it will just follow them around no matter what they do. Like the Bill's field goal kicker Norwood who missed and let the Giant's win a SuperBowl... it has got to be tough to work through that. Romo was almost a hero anyway, had he been able to get just 2 more yards for a 2 point conversion.

Anyway, the Seahawks advance and that's pretty cool, even if they utterly coasted in.

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