Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Parents Arrival

My parents arrived earlier this morning, for a visit. The weather is certainly much nicer for a late January visit than it ever was when I lived in the Seattle area!

They are easy to entertain especially since I recorded a few shows off HD Discovery for them, mostly travel shows about different cities or countries. HD Discovery also runs a lot of animal shows, and while my parents do love animals (they have pet birds and dogs) they aren't so much into snakes and spiders.

Despite that, Mom seems to enjoy watching shows about snakes and spiders. She'll cringe while watching four men search a swamp for an anaconda, and then heave the 20 foot long snake up for measurement. Or wince when a spider expert digs around a nest and pulls up a huge tarantula. I offer to change the channel but she wants to keep watching anyway. ;)

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