Friday, January 26, 2007

New Phone

I'm a bit of a gadget freak and had a comparatively primitive phone for the last four years. For the past few weeks some friends in the biking club expressed utter shock in learning that the guy with the GPS heart rate monitor and so forth didn't even have a phone with a camera. The horror! ;)

Three of them happened to own the same model - the Blackberry 8700. This phone always looked a bit awkward to me, because it is so wide. But it includes a mini keyboard which is great for typing messages. Two of them (both named Jennifer) own their own business and the third (Greg) is a traveling consultant, so having such a phone makes sense. Diana, a friend in the running club, frequently sends text messages instead of calls so typing a response with the tap method takes a long time.

Through their relentless efforts I started to shop around for an upgrade. I looked at websites, read reviews, and finally decided to get the Blackberry Pearl, which is thinner than the 8700, but includes a camera.

So I have a new toy and will be fiddling around with it all weekend.

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