Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

I went to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo with Lindsey and her sister's family. The star attraction for the summer is a white lion, but he was sleeping. Who knows, maybe the white lion is still adjusting to the altitude. ;)

I found the giraffe feeding area to be far more interesting. A walkway stretched over a giraffe pit, and their heads would just come over the railing. The zoo sold crackers which the giraffes loved - all I had to do was hold out the cracker and the giraffe would stretch over and munch it right up! I tried to pet one, but they move their head back quickly - these animals probably aren't used to humans as much as a dog or cat is.

Feeding a Giraffe

After walking around the zoo, which is on a side of a mountain and has an amazing view of the plains, we continued up to see the Shrine of the Sun. This looked like one tower of a castle, perched high above the zoo. The tower was named after Will Rogers and inside various small rooms lots of pictures from various points in his life.

After eating at Fargo's, a pizza place which was decorated in 1900's era stuff, they dropped me off at the hotel and I went to find two geocaches in a park just around the corner. One cache was located at a memorial for Zebulon Pike, which Pike's Peak is named after. The other cache was located at an old train engine, which in 1883 pulled the first passengers from Denver, Colorado to Ogden, Utah. Geocaching is fun, and it is especially interesting to see some of the history of an area.

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