Thursday, July 21, 2005

Neighborhood Welcome

This evening a lady rang my doorbell and introduced herself as a neighbor, and also as the official welcome person for the subdivision. Wow! I thought the "welcome wagon" was an ancient tradition that died out long ago. ;)

She introduced herself as Sharon and asked where I moved from, and we chatted for a bit. She gave me several pamphlets: information on how to get a driver's license (heh, my realtor beat her to that!), local physicians and dentists, several coupons for local services like haircuts and vets, discounts from local restaurants, and a $25 gift certificate to the Macaroni Grill. She talked about the homeowner's association, where and when they meet, and who to call to get my name in the directory at the gate. She also gave me a business card and said to call if I had any questions.

My most pressing question was if the pedestrian gate had a key, because I want run on the trail that passes outside the neighborhood. She told me that gate isn't kept locked. All the same, I'm going to take a walk over to it and see if there is a lock that my house key or another key I received fits.

I've unpacked a bit more, but my study and master bedroom are still cluttered with all sorts of things. I'm trying to be good and pack away or throw away things I don't need out, so it is going slowly.

Now that the furniture is here, I am convinced this home is bigger. Of course, I already knew that from the square footage - this home is around 300 square feet bigger. But it felt smaller, and I think the reason for that is this home is single story whereas my Kirkland home was tri-level. So that was an illusion I fell victim to. I was worried all my bedroom furniture wouldn't fit, or my desk and bookshelves wouldn't fit, but now everything is here and I have more space in the bedroom and more space in the guest bedroom I turned into a study. Or I will when everything is packed away and the floors are clear. ;)

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