Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Moving In

Today was a tough day of watching the movers do their work. ;) I waited at my house until they arrived, and we did a quick walk through which let me explain where the major furniture pieces should go.

I had a tough time deciding about my former den furniture, the TV, sofa, and love seat. I prefer that visitors do not see tons of electronics when entering my house - I'd rather have a formal living room setup and have the entertainment in another room - but after mulling all sorts of permutations, I decided the furniture worked best with the sofa, love seat, and TV in the living room, immediately to the right of the entry. This works better because that room is carpeted while the den/kitchen/breakfast nook is tile; plus, since the kitchen is open to the den, activity there would be more of a disturbance if I setup in the den. In reality, this house floor plan is far more open and better lit than my old home in Kirkland, so it probably don't matter that much.

I found the instruction manual for the pool robot. The manual said to check basic functions, turn the dial to MAX and peek in the tank window. I did this, and all that happened was the service light started blinking. After fiddling around with the controls for a while, checking the manual and mysterious chart that indexed pool size in gallons versus hours of chlorine production, I gave up and called the pool company. I was unsure about nearly everything: how long to run the robot, how to chemically balance the water, what settings to use, etc. The conversation went something like this:

Me: "hello, I just bought a house with a pool, and I'm not sure how to care for it. The robot service light is on, the saline/chlorine tank window shows nothing..."

Lady at the store: "Ah, so you need a 'show and tell'. Let me get your information and the owner will call back to schedule a visit. In the meantime, if you bring 8 oz of your pool water to the store, we can analyze it and tell you what to add."

Me (thinking to myself): Thank goodness. Sounds like they've done this before with dozens of clueless people like me calling in for help.

Later in the afternoon, I looked out and notice the robot was running and several pool jets were on. I guess it had some previously set schedule it was following.

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