Friday, July 08, 2005

Florida Arrival

Well I made it here, getting in early yesterday morning. My temporary housing is the Hilton Garden Inn in Lake Mary, which I like a little bit more than the Marriott, which is the usual corporate hotel. The cookie platter the Hilton puts out in the afternoon might have something to do with that.

The air conditioning everywhere is cranked to the max. I get goose pimples sitting in my office, and feel cold when I go out to lunch. The thermostat in my hotel room was set to 68 degrees, and I bumped it up to 72 or 74. When I came back later, housekeeping set it back to 68 (or even less) again! I decided to see Batman Begins at the movies, and the same thing happened, it was chilly. How weird would I look carrying around a sweatshirt to wear indoors?

I feel a little restless as far as exercise. I know I should rest a bit longer, especially after IMCdA, but mentally I'm ready to go again! Apparently all the difficulty scheduling workouts has been forgotten... however I won't need to do the same volume for this second half of the season. I searched around and found a running club and a biking club, and what appears to be a biking club that also does triathlons, so when my stuff gets here I plan to get out there two or three times a week: taking it easy, but definitely starting up again. Also, a group at work bikes twice a week and they invited me along, so after my bikes arrive I'll be able to do that as well.

I felt like lazing around yesterday evening, possibly due to jet lag, and found a Battlestar Galactica marathon on the Sci-Fi channel. This was incredibly cool, since I didn't get the Sci-Fi channel in Washington - I was too cheap to pay for expanded cable - and I really liked the new series after watching the pilot via Netflix. I watched three episodes and hope they play more. As far as cable TV, I plan to give in and subscribe to more channels, but probably not any premium ones.

Tonight I checked out the YMCA, which has the usual exercise machines and a pool. I dropped in on the pick-up volleyball game, and found it to be utterly random. I'm not the most skilled player in the world, but half the ones there were out in space. And organized league would be far better, and while I would like to play again, getting that going isn't my highest priority.

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