Saturday, July 16, 2005

Driver's License

I took another small step towards shedding my Washington roots by getting a Florida driver's license, and surrenduring my Washington license.

I planned to also register my car and get Florida license plates, but after sitting there for 15 or 20 minutes, I noticed a sign that said Florida issued car insurance is a requirement for Florida license plates. I don't have that yet, so I left the DMV for the license bureau, which was nearby.

Earlier, I visited an insurance agent and we got the car insurance policy set up, except he suggested I wait until after July 26th to transfer over. The reason is that a small claim in July 2002 will vanish off my record, and thus the new policy I get will take a dip in cost.

The license bureau was very busy and faily inefficient. First, I had to get into a slow line just to check-in - basically leave my name. After hanging around in the waiting room, they called me and then I got to stand in an even slower line, to finally reach a clerk, give over two forms of ID, answer questions, and have my picture taken. After more time in the waiting area, I was called for payment - $20. Then, another go in the waiting area until the license was ready.

The entire time I was thinking that splitting up this task among four different areas was just a way to employ more people, and not make it any faster. ;)

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