Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Home Purchase

I now own a residence in Lake Mary, Florida.

I met my realtor and mortgage lender, along with the seller and their realtor, at the title company. I wasn't very impressed with the title company since they just couldn't seem to return any of my phone calls requesting wiring instructions. I had to tell my mortgage lender that I wouldn't be able to send the money since they never provided instructions, and this would hold up closing. Anyway, after rattling a few people my mortgage lender got the info for me.

Closing in Washington didn't require all parties to get together for the ritualistic document signing. Here in Florida we gathered and signed papers, pushing them back and forth across the table until it was over.

In the afternoon I picked up my parents, who flew in to help me. This is nice, because some of what I need to do is wait around for people to show up at the house - for instance, the movers. They can help me effectively be in two places at once, freeing me to run a few errands.

Lake Mary Tile Mosaic

At City Hall

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