Saturday, July 23, 2005

Lake Placid

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I went to the expo and merchandise tent, and was able to get out after only buying two shirts: one generic IM Lake Placid shirt, and a green "off the couch" sub17 shirt.

After meeting Jen and Duncan for breakfast, I made a sign at "inspiration station" and then attended the volunteer meeting.

I saw a woman with a great shirt that read "Dontcha wish your girlfriend was fast like me?". But by the time I thought of asking to take a picture, she vanished in the crowd.

Transition Bags
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Hanging like ripe fruit...

at IMCdA they just had the transition bags on the ground.

Real Snow!
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It is exciting being here, Lake Placid is a small town in a beautiful setting. It is a bit warm and humid, but that doesn't stop the city from having some "real snow" available for kids and dogs to play in.

Now, as for the signs I made:

Front of Sign

Stretching the limits of my artistic abilities...

Back of Sign

Eve or Brian (I can't remember) began to refer to our training group as the "supah hero crew" after Eve wore a tutu at Chilly Hilly. So no, I didn't misspell. The athlete depicted is supposed to be Jen, with blue eyes and frizzy blond hair (orange was the closest color available) wearing her "Critical Speed" training outfit and lightning bolt cape. The green polka dots are there for decoration. Use your imagination and it will look better! ;)

I drove the bike course, and I must admit it is very scenic. The course passes through rustic towns, follows rivers (I saw several fly fisherman) and has views of forested hills.

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