Saturday, July 30, 2005

Clothes Shopping

I rarely shop for clothes. In Washington, half the time I went out intending to buy clothes, I ended up at REI and bought a micro-fiber garment of some sort. Still, I needed to buy some sandals and shorts, because it is a bit warmer here in Florida. Also, I could use a few more shirts.

I was going to do all this sometime in the future, but I heard on the radio that the state of Florida is running a special deal - for this week ending Sunday, there is no sales tax on clothes or school supplies, as a back-to-school break for parents. The school year begins early here - next week. I decided to take advantage and visit some stores.

So far I bought 3 pairs of sandals, 5 pairs of shorts, and 3 shirts. I plan to get a few more items over the weekend, especially since most stores are also running sales on top of the sale tax amnesty. I may very well wind up spending more on clothes this weekend than I have in the past year!

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