Saturday, July 02, 2005

Leaving Seattle

The past few days have been a whirlwind of last minute details, meeting friends for dinner, and travel/relocation/real estate plans.

Despite the fact my belongings are all packed up and movers are loading everything onto a van, it hasn't quite sunk in that I am moving, mostly because I was spared the most tedious thing for me, which is packing. All I had to do is go through and unplug all my electronic devices. No getting boxes and tape, no wrapping dishes in paper, no going through every drawer, no packing small items and books, and so forth.

I'm not sure it will actually sink in until I move into the house there. I've taken several business trips to Florida, so in some ways this will feel like one of those trips. Except, I won't fly back to Washington after a week or two.

So I leave tonight, but not directly to Florida. I thought spending the holiday weekend there by myself wouldn't be enjoyable, and neither would lingering around Seattle - I would just be sad. I thought it would be more fun to visit a new area of the country, meet some friends and be a tourist...

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