Sunday, January 16, 2005

Baby Shower

As it happens, today was the baby shower of two good friends of mine: Treasa and Charles, who are expecting in the middle of February. I didn't even know about it until dinner yesterday evening, but since I was staying in a spare room of Ann's (Treasa's sister) house, and the baby shower was at her home, I was easily able to attend! This was a coed baby shower - hey, it is 2005 - and the nice thing about this was I got to see a bunch of college friends I was not at all expecting to see this weekend.

Treasa and Charles know they are expecting a girl, and named her Kirin, which means poet, writer, or speaker in Hindi. Kirin is also a Japanese Beer, and in Asian mythology it is a hooved beast that brings good fortune - known as a Qilin in Chinese, or a Kirin in Japanese.

As it happens, I have a necklace of a kirin, so I took the opportunity to show the necklace to Treasa and Charles. I also took the opportunity in tease them about multiple births and wish Kirin many younger siblings, all of which were met with questionable enthusiasm. :)

Treasa and Me

She is expecting in just 4 weeks!

Treasa and Charles

They are very excited to receive a baby swing!

Ann's cool art

A friend of Ann's made this painting, which everybody thought was really nice looking.

Diane and Me

I hadn't seen Diane in years - she was in Aberdeen, Scotland for work the last time I was in Houston.

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