Saturday, January 15, 2005

Houston, TX

A few months ago I planned a trip to Houston to meet various friends and also run in the Houston Half-marathon. So today, I flew into Houston, where I lived for 10 years but moved away 8 years ago.

My plane landed at a new terminal of Intercontinental Airport, and I picked up my rental car from the new Airport Rental Car Center. On the drive to my friend's house, I saw the new (since I left) Houston Aquarium from the highway, all lit up in blue neon. It was... very noticable? Garish? Maybe it is really nice inside...

Driving around Houston reminded of how much construction there always was - major road improvements are always occuring. The city is also very diverse - there are large Indian, Latin, and Black populations. In comparison, Seattle is fairly homogeneous.


Archway leading to the main Admin offices at Rice University.


Over by the James Baker Institute for Foreign Affairs.

Tile Ceiling

Ceiling of the new Duncan Building, where Engineering and Computer Science now is.

Slab Sculptures

Marble art, named 30-60-90.

Houston at Night

Traffic slowed to a stop so I took the opportunity to snap a photo. The neon blue outline of the aquarium is towards the bottom of the screen, above the cars. Right next to it was a lit up ferris wheel. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get a better picture - next time I'll actually go to the aquarium. :)

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