Thursday, January 13, 2005

TV Shows

Last night I got on my bike trainer and watched an episode of Desperate Housewives. Thank goodness for ReplayTV (works similarly to the far more familiar TiVo), or in this particular case, Windows Media Center Edition 2005. It is a rare occurence, but every now and then two shows I want to watch will conflict. In this case, the season premiere of 24 conflicted with Desperate Housewives so I had ReplayTV record one while Win MCE recorded the other.

Soon I plan to build a MythTV system, so I'll be able to handle a triple conflict! I'm not sure this has even happened - three shows I want to watch on at the same time. I could press my VCR into service (remember this device? It records video to an ancient technology called "tape") or even, as a last resort, also watch live TV (the horror of commercials!) to catch a 5-way conflict. This would certainly signal the nearing end of the universe, as I only have basic cable and there aren't that many shows on I'd like to see.

It got me thinking, how many shows do I watch, or try to follow? Probably more now that ever before. Let me count:

On Sunday, there is Arrested Development and Desperate Housewives. Monday is 24 and CSI: Miami. Tuesday is The Amazing Race. Wednesday is busy, with Smallville, Lost, and Alias. Thursday is CSI. Friday is Joan of Arcadia. Saturday is nothing I regularly watch. Of course, with all the time shifting I do, I watch half these shows on a different day than they actually broadcast.

That adds up to 9.5 hours of TV a week, plus the occasional show on the Discovery Channel which looks interesting (MythBusters, New Detectives, American Casino, etc.)

That isn't all the TV I watch - through Netflix I am slowly working my way through Babylon 5 and Stargate SG1, alternating seasons.

And last but not least, in the "guilty pleasure" category of TV, I watch the ocassional episode of Blind Date or Elimidate. Because sometimes, I just want to mentally veg out, and these shows are the best for that purpose.

At least I can't complain of being bored on the bike trainer!

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