Saturday, January 01, 2005

Resolution Run

I decided to do a "Resolution Run" 5K this morning, 10:30 am at Magnuson park in Seattle. This race had a unique division of competitors - the "trip and dip" group that jumped into Lake Washington before finishing!

I decided not to do that as, well, I didn't want to be soaking wet.

At the start I talked to a woman with a very friendly border collie, and later spotted another with two greyhounds. Maybe a pet dog is in my future. ;) Anyway, with 0.1 of a mile to go, the path forked - one direction led to the finish, and the other led to the water and then to the finish.

After I finished, I walked over to watch people in the "trip and dip" division - they ran down a small ramp into the water, jumped in and submerged, and then quickly made their way to the building. Some people removed their shoes, some had swimsuits on, and some just splashed right on in. It looked fun, but better them than me!

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